How Does Traffic Interceptor Van Work

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The traffic interceptor van, also known as “speed vans” or “speed enforcement vans”, are like the superheroes of the road, equipped with radar and camera technology to catch speeders in the act. These vans are usually operated by the police department and are strategically placed in areas where there are high traffic and a high rate of accidents.

The van is like a super-sleuth, with radar technology in the front that detects the speed of passing vehicles, just like how a superhero uses their superpowers. And just like how a superhero has their sidekick, the van also has cameras that capture the license plate and other identifying features of the vehicle. These cameras can take still images or videos and are located on the side or rear of the van.

When a vehicle is caught breaking the speed limit, the radar and cameras work together like a well-oiled machine to capture all the important details. The information is then sent to the van’s brain (a computer system) where it’s processed and a citation is generated. The citation is then sent to the vehicle’s owner, just like how a superhero sends the villain to jail.

And that’s not all, some traffic interceptor vans are also equipped with other technology such as LIDAR, which detects red light violations and stop sign violations, and license plate recognition cameras which can detect stolen vehicles or vehicles with expired registration.

So, next time you’re on the road, keep an eye out for these superhero vans. They’re on a mission to keep the roads safe and make sure everyone follows the rules of the road. And remember, if you’re caught breaking the speed limit, don’t worry, you can still be a hero by paying the citation and slowing down.”

Traffic Interceptor Vans: How They Track Us

How it Works:

The main question is that how this all setup works. Well the answer to that question is Radar gun. There are two types of radar guns present in use. One is Regular radar or Frequency based radar and other is LIDAR (Light detection And Ranging) radar.

Radar guns are, in their most simple form, radio transmitters and receivers. They send out a radio signal, then receive the same signal back as it bounces off the objects. However, the radar frequency is different when it comes back, and from that difference the radar gun can calculate object speed. These radars works on the basis phenomenon which is known as Doppler shift.

Frequency Based Radar: While using this radar, it should be stationery and shouldn’t be moving to measure the speed of the vehicle, but this type of radar is not much successful in the cases when the source is also moving. This is the radar which police department is using from last 50 years but this radar is not completely accurate and not efficient enough. Due to which we are now using a more advanced technology which is known as LIDAR.

LIDAR – This is a light imaging and detecting radar. This radar uses a laser beams instead of the traditional radio waves. This radar may take several hundred samples in less than half a second, so they are extremely accurate and this is what currently the vans roaming around in bangalore are using.

Say Cheese:

Earlier police was using hand help radar guns and tracking down the offenders but now the complete system is automated. The gun shoots the laser beam at any vehicle, determines the speed of the vehicle, and when it is detected that the vehicle is moving at high speed, the system triggers a small camera (which is highly powerful) and takes the picture of the number plate and driver’s face. And this is enough evidence to give you a speeding ticket.


Well where there is a Rule, there is always a way to break the rule. To get around with these radar there are different types of jammers in the market, which could help you. Few of them are simply the radar detectors, so they will only alert you as soon as they detect that someone is trying to measure the speed, they will alert you and if lucky then you can get enough time to slow down your speed before the police van gets a lock on you.

Some of them are more advanced than these jammers and they initiate a defense mechanism as soon as they detect some signals from police vans. Well to be frank, none of them is 100% full proof, and neither of them are really active in India or Bangalore, because we only have few vans running around to catch the speed (around 20 in Bangalore)

Speed Limits in Bangalore:

  1. Within City – 40 Km/hr for two-wheelers and 50 Km/hr for four-wheelers
  2. Ring Roads – 50 Km/hr for two-wheelers and 60 Km/hr for four-wheelers
  3. Highways – 60 Km/hr for two-wheelers and 80 Km/hr for four-wheelers


The conclusion from the above discussion is that the Police department is now using high tech stuff to catch the offenders and maintain the discipline. From this one more thing is pretty clear, that you can’t escape from these arrangements means the time you noticed a interceptor, I am sure by that time you are already locked down by the interceptor van for the high speeding and they should be ready to catch you with your photo in their systems. So be smart, and don’t try to break the rules.

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