Is Black Ops 3 Cross Platform Xbox And Ps4? (Answered)

  • The simple answer is no, Black Ops 3 is not cross-platform between Xbox and PS4. 
  • There are some reasons for this, the most notable being that each console has its own online ecosystem to connect players with one another. 
  • Managing two separate online infrastructures would be excessively complicated and likely wouldn’t offer any benefits to offset the costs.
  • It’s also worth noting that there has traditionally been a bit of animosity between the Xbox and PlayStation communities, so releasing a cross-platform game between the two could potentially alienate one side. 
  • In short, it’s not worth it for either Sony or Microsoft to make Black Ops 3 cross-platform between their consoles.

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Introduction to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

If you’re new to the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, you’re in for a treat. The Black Ops games are some of the most popular first-person shooters, and BO3 is no exception.

The game’s basic premise is this: you play as a member of an elite paramilitary unit called “Black Ops,” who are tasked with completing various black ops missions worldwide. These missions can range from eliminating high-profile targets, to sabotaging enemy installations, to rescuing hostages.

The game is set in the future, where advanced technology has allowed soldiers to become even more powerful. As such, the gameplay features a variety of futuristic weapons and gadgets.

FAQs On: Is Black Ops 3 Cross Platform Xbox And Ps4?

is black ops 3 cross platform ps4 and pc?

No. Black Ops III is not a cross-platform game. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

is black ops 1 cross platform xbox and ps4

Currently, Black Ops 1 is not cross-platform between Xbox and PS4.

However, there has been talking about making it happen in the future.

It would be great to see this game become available on both platforms so everyone can enjoy it. Hopefully, we’ll see some movement on this front soon.

is black ops 3 cross platform pc and ps5

Black Ops 3 is not cross platform between PC and PS5. However, PC players can still play with each other, and PS5 players can still play with each other. So if you want to play with friends on both systems, you’ll have to have two different copies of the game.

Can PS4 and PC play together?

Yes, PS4 and PC can play together. To do so, you will need a gaming PC capable of running games at a resolution of 1920×1080 or higher, has a DirectX 11-compatible graphics card, and uses Windows 10. You will also need to install the PlayStation Now App on your PC.

Is Cod cross-platform PS4 and PC?

No. Cod is not cross-platform PS4 and PC. The two platforms use different architectures and cannot support the game.

Is Black Ops cross-platform with PC?

Yes, Black Ops is cross-platform with PC. You can play with friends on PC and console using the same account. 

The game features full cross-platform play, allowing you to keep your progress and characters across all platforms. You can also use a keyboard and mouse on consoles if you prefer.

Is Black Ops 3 cross-platform?

No, Black Ops 3 is not cross-platform. The game is only available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Why can’t I join my friend on Black Ops 3 PC?

You can’t join your friend on Black Ops 3 PC because you’re not using the same platform. 

Console gamers and PC gamers have different platforms, so they can’t play with each other in most cases.

Some exceptions exist, such as Valve’s Steam service, which allows gamers to play games with friends across different platforms. 

Still, for the most part, console and PC gamers stick to their platforms. So if your friend is playing Black Ops 3 on PC, you’ll need to be playing on PC to join them.

Is Black Ops 1 cross-platform Xbox and PC?

Yes, Black Ops 1 is a cross-platform Xbox and PC. This means that you can play the game on either platform interchangeably. 

However, the two platforms may have slight differences in controls and gameplay. But overall, you should be able to enjoy the game equally on both platforms.

Can bo3 PS4 play with ps5?

No, they are not compatible. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are two different generations of consoles, meaning they use different technology and have different capabilities.

To play games designed for the PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 5, you would need to purchase them again.

How do you add a friend on Black Ops 3?

How to Add a Friend on Black Ops 3: 

1. Open the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 main menu. 
2. Select “Friends.” 
3. Select “Add Friend.” 
4. Enter the player’s name, or select from your friend’s list. 
5. Click “Send Request.

Can I play bo3 on PS5?

Yes, the PS5 is backwards compatible with many PS3 games, including those that utilize the BO3 engine.

This means you’ll be able to play your old favourite games on your new console without any problems.

So if you’re looking to re-live some of those classicBO3 moments, you’ll be able to do so on your PS5!

Why can’t I join my friends lobby in Black Ops 3 zombies?

There are a few potential reasons why you might not be able to join your friend’s lobby in Black Ops 3 zombies. 

One possibility is that you are not on the same platform
For example, if they are playing on Xbox One and you are playing on PlayStation 4, you will not be able to join their lobby.
Another possibility is that they are playing a different game mode. For example, if they are playing Survival and you are playing Campaign, you will not be able to join their lobby. 

Finally, it is also possible that they have set their lobby to private, and you do not have the passcode. If this is the case, you will need to ask them for the passcode to join their lobby.


So, is Black Ops 3 cross platform Xbox and PS4? The answer is no. Activision has not released any information about a potential cross-platform release for the game. 

There are some reasons why this might be the case, most notably that each console has its own online ecosystem to connect players with one another. 

This makes it difficult for developers to create a game that works on both platforms simultaneously. While there may still be hope for a cross-platform release in the future, don’t hold your breath – at least not yet.

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