10 Best Backpage Alternative Websites in 2022

This article is about Backpage alternative, which was once one of the best platforms to list classified ads. Backpage was everything you needed to get more sales for your product seen by many businesses.

Name it Events, electronics, Job Vacancy Alerts, Travel, or Real Estate. What happened? The site became where explicit (adult) content is being harbored.

Backpage got too many complaints, and the feds were not happy about the allegations they received about the website.

To make things better and safer, the government took drastic measures, which led to the fall of back pages.

Since the site is no more, what are the best alternatives to backpages? You will find out in this article as you read through. 

Backpages being sanctioned to death doesn’t mean there won’t be websites with similar interests for people. 

Especially if you are looking for classified ads websites to list your business or product.

Let us look at alternatives to backpage after the shutdown of their website, shall we?

10 Best Backpage Alternative Websites After Shutdown

I can tell that since the backpage went down. You have been searching for sites that offer similar services and not just any kind but legally approved classified ads websites.

That brings me to help you source for the 10 best reliable alternatives to backpage that provide extraordinary services and do not tolerate explicit content.


#1 FreeAdsTime.orgFree Ads Time Backpage Alternative

Freeadstime is one of the best alternative backpage out there. They ensure that everyone, including the locals, has access to classified ads for free. They cover over 32+ cities compared to the new and upcoming sites. 

Freedadstime’s mission is to make sure a large number, if not all of the cities on their list, get free access to classified ads listing. Backed by the project is a team of experienced and dedicated developers who ensure the site runs smoothly. 

Some of the products or businesses you can list on FreeAdstime are:


  • Houses for Lease or Sale
  • Electronics
  • Jobs
  • Vehicles
  • Professional Services
  • Lawyers and 
  • Many more.

Check Them Out


#2 Craiglist.comCraiglist Free Backpage Alternative

Craigslist has you covered if you want to list high-quality ads and more professional services. It is by far the best and the most recommended site similar to backpage you can use and get the result you want.

Craiglist features most businesses or products out there, including CBD-related classified ads. The process for ad creation on craigslist is simple. 

However, there are some restrictions for certain countries listing their services and products on the websites, including Nigeria and India, in speculation. 

If you are not from one of these tier one countries, it could be difficult to access craigslist. As part of the internet, craigslist drives the most traffic, and all listings on the platform are free unless you want to push your listing to be featured on the homepage.

Checkout Craiglist.com 

#3 Facebook.comFacebook Alternative to Backapges

Facebook is one of the leading websites in the world right now. That puts it in a better position as the best backpage alternative website now, with over 400 Million active users and 2 billion accounts. 

Facebook is also a social network with many buying and selling activities. Facebook has both paid and organic methods to reach your audience with its ad tool.

You can create profiles, pages, and groups and customize them according to your needs and target your audience choice.

The Ad tool makes it even better to reach people even faster but comes as a paid tool as you have to set a budget to sell your products more quickly. 


If you are a person of influence, you might not need to run ads to reach the persons you want. All you have to do is make a post. Organically you will receive the kind of engagement you want.

Check Facebook.com Out.


#4 OLX.comOlx Backpage Alternative

If your primary usage of Backpage websites is to sell or buy cars before it was closed in 2018, then OLX is the best alternative. OLX covers 30+ countries globally and offers trading networks for Car rental, Jobs, Real Estate, Buying and selling household goods, and much more. They also have 20 Local brands working with them and a team of 120,000 happy workers who make sure everything is put in place.

 Checkout OLX.com


#5 Kijiji.comKijiji Backpages Alternative

A free classified site is Canada’s largest classified ads website, with lots of live ads in various categories like Housing, cars, jobs, and more. They are the alternative to backpage websites in Canada. Kijiji is there to serve Canadians by helping people connect with buyers and sellers in Canada. As I am writing this content, Kijiji is accessible in over 30 countries, and 2 new ads are being posted every second.

Checkout Kijiji.com


#6 Geebo.comGeebo Backapges Alternative

Geebo has been around since 1999, serving only the US mainly. Geebo is used in over 4+ countries and is old enough as the best alternative to backpages. It’s one of the most “genuine listing” focused classified ads platforms you will find worthy.

On Geebo, you can find almost everything, services, Vehicles, Employment, Merchandise, Construction, and much more. The site still maintains its old look but is easily accessible, and adding a listing on geebo.com is free and fast.

Checkout Geebo.com


#7 GumTree.comGumtree

Created by two friends in 2000 to get everything they need when they visit or move to a new city. Gumtree is an alternative to backpage.com. Today Gumtree is one of the largest online classifieds ads platforms in the UK, where you can list anything you have for sale or lease and even find your dream job in the UK. 

Without a doubt, Gumtree does not tolerate the listing of adult content, just letting you know so you won’t want to go and violate their rules. But everything from Toys for nursery kids to Fueling of Bike for you and your friends.

Checkout Gumtree.com


#8 Wallclassifieds.com Wallclassified

When you visit the site, you look at the exact clone and more than an alternative to backpage. Wallclassifieds.com offers exactly what backpage does, but you are strictly not allowed when it comes to listing adult-related products. 

If you are finding items, jobs, cars, services, pets, and much more, there is always a spot available for you to post or buy from someone.

The site now has a very good new look that helps you find or list anything without looking for “How to” content as a guide to navigating the website.

Checkout Wallclassifieds.com


#9 Ebay.comebay

eBay has been a helpful platform for buying both new and used items. Now, it’s even a better backpage alternative website. You can easily connect with millions of users across 200 countries to find what you need. 

Mainly, if you are looking to list or buy electronics, eBay is the best platform to have your used or old items sold more quickly.

I personally use eBay to check how much it would cost to buy a used item before I look for one in any nearest outlet near me, and it works very well.

You can connect with buyers easily with just a few steps of listing or possibly ad boosting on the platform for dealers. You can check them out to see what other features they offer. 

eBay charges a small fee to list a product or item for sale, and these ads last for only 30 days, so you will have to make sure your ad copy is well written with a title that can easily rank.

You can hire a professional to help you with the ad copy so you don’t miss it all up.

Checkout eBay.com


#10 Oodle.comoodle

You have seen all of the classified ads sites on this list, but what about an ad aggregator website? A new backpage replacement, Well, that is where Oodle comes into play.

Oodle does not allow posting or listing ads. Still, it uses social media as a source to list items people post for sale. 

However, it’s more focused on certain countries like the United States. Still, it has ads ranging from Pets, Jobs, Household Items, Real Estate, etc. 

There was no particularly harmful content on Oodle when I checked. Can it be trusted? 

Since most of the listings are aggregated from socials, you must check the items to determine their authenticity.

Check Oodle.com Out

Conclusion on The Best Backpage alternative websites.

The package left a big gap between other websites to come into the limelight. This is very good because a website with so many sorrowful complaints to the feds will not be safe for you. Its closure has set an example for other platforms to follow. 

I hope the 10 backpage alternatives I sourced for you help you get the desired result because they all have your best interest at heart by not allowing explicit content.

Now, you can find a site similar that you can list or find items, jobs, cars, and much more using the list I have provided in this article. 

That is somewhat fulfilling for me.

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