3 Verified Apps to Earn Crypto for free in 2022

How can I Earn Crypto for free? That is a question most people ask when they don’t know where to start in cryptocurrency adaptation.

I am here to help you start from the grassroots, and as you go through this content, I hope you gain the knowledge you seek.

Please don’t be embarrassed about searching for how to Earn Crypto for free without having any money. It is a sign that you are ready to learn even though you don’t have money for courses.

Be grateful you can access the internet till this time.

While reading this article, please think long-term, drop your ego aside and earn some crypto to get yourself started in the Cryptocurrency world. Nothing happens by chance; you will have to create it.

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Starting with Presearch

Earn Crypto for free Using Presearch

Research is a search engine like google but works with a blockchain to give you a decentralized search experience while keeping your data safe. Presearch is on a mission to make sure many people can enjoy the privacy they deserve and earn money while searching.

How Do You Make Money Presearch?

There are two ways you earn with presearch

  • Earn by searching with their chrome extension
  • Earn with Installation of their nodes.

The opportunity you still get here is that only 200,000 people are using this extension which means you still got the chance to earn free PRE while using the presearch chrome Extension or their website.

I talked about them here.

How to Start Earning Free Crypto With Presearch

The first step is to head over to their site and create an account.

After registering for an account, install the chrome extension as instructed. You can install the kiwi browser and make it your default mobile search engine for mobile users.


When Can You Withdraw Your Money?

Once you have reached the 1000 PRE tokens, you can request a withdrawal from your wallet.

To earn 1000 PRE, you need to search at least 371 times, and you are limited to 30 searches per day. If you calculate 30 searches per day times 30 days, that’s 900 and almost 2x the minimum searches needed to withdraw.

You can boost your earnings further by signing up for their referral programs.

Earn Crypto for free With Crypto Tab

Believe it or not, Crypto Tab is the world’s first Crypto mining browser that allows you to earn free Crypto while searching or browsing the internet.

You mine FREE Bitcoin each time you search the internet with Crypto Tab enabled or installed on your Mobile.

Getting started with the Crypto tab is seemingly effortless. Visit their website and create an account.

After creating an account, you are asked to verify it, and that is it.

Once you are done with the email verification, choose how to start using the Crypto Tab. Either by PC or Mobile, and you can still do both with the same account.

How to Earn More with Crypto Tab

It’s pretty simple to earn Crypto for free with the crypto tab. You can join the affiliate program and refer people; the more sign-ups you get, the more earnings you will accumulate. Also, the crypto tab offers higher rewards to higher levels. Upon signing up, you will be in level one.

Earn Free Crypto with LunarCrush

Twitter is an Awesome tool. What about a tool that helps you listen to cryptocurrency signals and earn while doing that? Lunarcrush does precisely that. It enables you to listen to crypto trends and follow top influences in the market to have the most information possible.

How to Earn with Lunarcrush

To earn Crypto for free with lunarcrush, you will need first to get an account. LunarCrush is a social media listening app that helps track rising or falling tokens.

Using the LunarCrush app to earn is simple. All you have to do daily is log in, perform tasks like sharing and commenting on tweets, and get rewarded with some lunar coins.

The price of one lunar token is currently $1.5, and you can withdraw your points as soon as you have 35 lunar tokens.

The more lunar tokens you can keep, the higher your level. Each level offers different multiplication of rewards from levels 1 to 3.


How to Withdraw Your Earnings

Lunar token is operating on the network zil, so you will need to install zil wallet to withdraw your earnings. There, you will be given the address to send.

Transfer your tokens to your zil wallet and swap to either BTC, USDT, or ETH.

You can decide to sell or keep your coins.

If you want even more rewards, you can share your unique link with people, and once they join, you get rewarded tokens for it.


In Conclusion

In this article, I have introduced you to ways to earn Crypto for free without investment and the apps that will help you earn your first Crypto performing just your day-to-day tasks.

You could be searching the internet more than 30 times daily using presarch and earn cool tokens that you can swap and store or invest in other cryptocurrencies.

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